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Guangdong Tesen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


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Guangdong Tesen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is the sales company of Zibo Mingtai Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. It is mainly responsible for pre-sales, sales and after-sales services of Mingtai brand batteries at home and abroad. The company currently has a full range of Mingtai brand battery products.

Zibo Mingtai Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology equity investment enterprise in Shandong Province, a specialized and innovative small giant enterprise, a national high-tech enterprise, and a single champion enterprise in Shandong Province. Located in Zichuan Economic Development Zone, Zibo City, it was founded in 1998 and covers an area of 50000 acres. The company is a pioneer and leader in the technology of Chinese civilian tubular power batteries, with a production capacity of 1 million KVAh batteries. Based on the product system of tubular power batteries, the company actively lays out a green manufacturing industry chain that combines green production and intelligent manufacturing, forming a complete industrial layout covering multiple fields such as smart energy storage, industrial batteries, backup power sources, and battery recycling.

The company's products have a leading market share in the domestic battery market in the three sub sectors of tourism and sightseeing vehicles, golf carts, and mobile police rooms. The company currently owns 29 independent intellectual property rights and has established research and development platforms such as "Shandong Enterprise Technology Center" and "Shandong Province One Enterprise One Technology Center". The company has obtained international certification for three systems, including quality management system, environmental management system, and occupational health management system, as well as certification for the integration of industrialization and standardization.

The company has 5 categories and more than 200 specifications of batteries, which are widely used in tourism, municipal, cultural and tourism, energy storage power stations, emergency power sources, power telecommunications, shipbuilding, railway construction, mining machinery, road transportation and other fields. Our products are supported by well-known enterprises such as China Railway Construction, China Railway Group, Senyuan Group, Shuifa Group, Qingdao Energy Investment, BAIC Group, Futian Group, Lewo Heavy Industry, Xiangdian Heavy Equipment, Suzhou Lange, Wuxi Jinshatian, and Shandong Gelunte. The company is committed to becoming a leading enterprise in the field of core components for Chinese special vehicles!


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