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What is the main use of U-shaped steel shed supports?

U-shaped steel shed supports rarely appear in our daily public life. It is a kind of passive support for coal mine support, with high tensile strength and compressive strength. At the same time, it has good toughness performance, high support force, high support strength, and can be used multiple times. U-shaped steel shed supports are widely used in mine U-lanes, especially in deep complex tunnels and soft coal seam tunnels. Therefore, it is mainly used for secondary support of mine tunnels and mine tunnels of mountain tunnels. Next, I will introduce some specific information of U-shaped steel shed supports in detail.


The best stress-bearing state of the U-shaped steel shed bracket is when the back of the wall is filled densely so that it is evenly compressed. When the pressure value of the surrounding rock acting on the bracket reaches a certain value, the bracket will compress, causing the pressure of the surrounding rock acting on the U-shaped steel shed bracket to decrease. This prevents the surrounding rock pressure from being greater than the bearing capacity of the U-shaped steel shed bracket and causing damage to the bracket. According to the specific conditions of the site, flexibly select the model, structural form and shed distance of the U-shaped steel shed support, and correctly guide its construction to ensure that it works effectively and reliably. It is of great significance to speed up the tunnel excavation speed, reduce the amount of later repairs of the tunnel, ensure safe production, extend the service life, obtain better technical and economic benefits, and give full play to the support performance of the bracket. Similar support products include mining steel, U-shaped steel, light rail and other mining steel. We also independently produce and process various U-shaped steel shed supports, miner steel supports, cable clamps, anchor rods, pallets, single hydraulic props and other mining materials. The application of U-shaped steel shed brackets, straight wall semi-circular arch brackets, and sheds in mining the intersection points of tunnels has achieved remarkable results. The use of U-shaped steel retractable brackets has better solved the problem of excavation support.

U-shaped steel shed supports are more retractable and have stable and reliable load-bearing capacity than other rigid supports. It adapts to the load and deformation of soft surrounding rock, has high cross-section utilization rate, convenient bracket support, small maintenance, high bracket recycling and reuse rate, reduces the use of pit wood, and has obvious environmental benefits.

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