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Explore the colorful world of highlighters

Highlighter pens are a common office supply that helps us read and mark important information more efficiently. In this article, we will introduce the origin, principle, type, and color of highlighter, how to use it, etc.

The Origin and History of highlighters:

The origins of highlighter pens date back to the 1950s. At that time, an American scientist named Heller Hermann discovered a luminescent compound called fluorescein. This substance emits bright colors when exposed to ultraviolet light. Later, this luminescent substance was applied to ink to create the first highlighter pen. This new type of pen had bright fluorescent colors and could highlight books and documents, so it quickly became popular.

With the development of technology and people's increasing demand for efficient reading and learning, the application range of highlighters has gradually expanded. In study and office settings, it has become an important annotation tool to help people quickly locate important information. At the same time, the color types of highlighters are also constantly enriched to meet the needs of different users.

As the stationery industry develops, the design and functionality of highlighters are also constantly innovating. In addition to the traditional highlight marking function, some highlighters are also multi-functional and wipeable, making them more practical and convenient. At the same time, its environmental protection characteristics have also received attention, and more environmentally friendly products have been launched.

Nowadays, highlighters have become an indispensable writing tool in people's lives. Their role in learning, work, and creation has become increasingly prominent, and they have become an indispensable part of modern society.


Ingredients and principles of highlighter:

Highlighter pen is a common writing instrument, and its unique fluorescent effect attracts many people's favorites.

Highlighter ingredients:

The ink of highlighter pens is mainly composed of fluorescent whitening agents, solvents, pigments, and preservatives. Among them, a fluorescent whitening agent is the core component of highlighter, which can absorb ultraviolet rays and convert them into visible light, showing bright colors. The solvent is used to dilute the ink so that it flows smoothly from the nib. The pigment determines the color of the highlighter, and different pigments will show different fluorescent colors.

The luminous principle of highlighter pen:

The luminous principle of highlighter pens is based on the fluorescent effect of fluorescent whitening agents. An optical brightener is a substance that absorbs ultraviolet light and emits visible light. When ultraviolet rays are irradiated onto the fluorescent whitening agent, the fluorescent whitening agent molecules absorb the energy of the ultraviolet rays and then re-release it in the form of radiation, showing bright colors. This luminous effect causes the highlighter to display eye-catching fluorescent colors when exposed to ultraviolet light.

Classification of highlighters:

Highlighters can be classified into many categories based on different features and uses.

Highlighter pens can be divided into many types according to their colors, including yellow, pink, green, orange, blue, etc. Highlighters of different colors have different effects when marking and highlighting, meeting the diverse needs of users for annotating information.

According to different uses, highlighters can be divided into ordinary highlighters, erasable highlighters, double-ended highlighters, etc. Ordinary highlighters are suitable for general marking and highlighting; erasable highlighters have a wiping function and can be wiped if modifications are needed; double-head highlighters have two-color pen tips to facilitate users to make a variety of markings.

According to the shape of the tip, highlighters can be divided into oblique-head highlighters, round-head highlighters, etc. Different shapes of tips are suitable for different marking needs. The oblique-head highlighter is suitable for fine marking, while the round-head highlighter is more suitable for highlighting large areas.

According to the composition of the ink, highlighters can be divided into water-based highlighters, oil-based highlighters, etc. Inks with different ingredients have different characteristics. Water-based highlighters are easy to dry and have rich colors, while oil-based highlighters have better adhesion on specific materials.

According to the size, highlighters can be divided into regular size, mini size, etc. The mini-size highlighter is easy to carry and use, suitable for carry-on and temporary marking occasions.

How to use highlighter:

Pen-holding posture: When picking up the highlighter, the pen-holding posture should be similar to that of an ordinary pen. Maintain a comfortable pen-holding posture, which can better control the movement of the pen.

Friction test: Before use, you can conduct a simple friction test on the edge of the paper or scratch paper to ensure that the highlighter ink is smooth and the color is full.

Marking method: Gently place the tip of the highlighter pen on the text or pattern that needs to be marked, and then draw it with appropriate force to cover the ink evenly on the paper.

Avoid over-applying: When marking, try to avoid over-applying to avoid affecting the clarity of the text and the quality of the paper.

Highlighting: Marking text or patterns that need to be highlighted can help users quickly locate important information.

Prevent smearing: After marking with a highlighter, wait for the ink to dry before turning the page to avoid ink smearing onto the next page or other documents.

Note on storage: After using the highlighter, cover the pen cap to prevent the ink from evaporating or drying out.


Highlighter buying guide:

As a common writing tool, a highlighter pen plays an important role in learning, office, and creation. However, when choosing, many people may be confused by the dazzling array of brands and types. Here are some guides on choosing highlighters to help you choose one that suits your needs.

Selection of color

There are many kinds of highlighter colors. When choosing, you can choose the color according to your personal preference and actual needs. For example, yellow is suitable for general marking and highlighting, while green is suitable for marking environmentally friendly and natural content.

Ink quality

A good highlighter should have smooth ink, rich color, and smudge resistance. When purchasing, you can first conduct a simple smear test on test paper or waste paper to check the smoothness and color fullness of the ink to ensure that you purchase a good quality highlighter.

Pointed design

The tip design of the highlighter is also one of the factors that need to be considered when purchasing. Generally speaking, highlighters with a slanted head are suitable for fine marking, while highlighters with a round head are more suitable for highlighting large areas. You can choose the appropriate tip design based on actual use needs.

Environmentally friendly features

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, more and more users will consider its environmental protection properties when purchasing highlighters. Some brands of highlighters use environmentally friendly inks and materials, which are low-volatility and environmentally friendly. You can consider choosing such products.

Brand reputation

When purchasing highlighters, you can choose products from some well-known brands, which usually have better quality and after-sales guarantees. At the same time, you can also learn about other user's evaluations and usage experiences of different brands of highlighters through the Internet and other channels, so as to make more informed choices.

Highlighter storage:

The storage of highlighters is also very important, it can extend the service life of the highlighters and prevent them from fading and drying out. First of all, we should avoid exposing the highlighter to the sun or high-temperature environment to avoid drying out. Secondly, we should shake the pen body before use to avoid the precipitation of fluorescent powder. Finally, we should store highlighters in a cool and dry place to avoid moisture or deformation.

In short, highlighters are very practical office supplies that can help us read and mark important information more efficiently. When using, we should pay attention to correct use, maintenance and storage to avoid pollution to the environment.


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