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POM Bearings: The Engineering Plastic Bearing of Choice for Superior Performance

In the field of modern industry, bearings are indispensable key components in mechanical equipment, and their performance directly affects the efficiency and service life of the equipment. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, bearing materials are also constantly innovated and optimized. Among them, Zoen Precision Instrument's POM bearings have gradually become the leader in the field of engineering plastic bearings due to their excellent performance characteristics.


Performance characteristics of POM bearings 

POM bearing is a plastic bearing based on polyoxymethylene and has the following significant performance characteristics:

1. Excellent wear resistance: POM material has high hardness and strength, which allows POM bearings to maintain good wear resistance and extend the service life of the bearings under high-speed operation or heavy load conditions.

2. Good self-lubricating properties: POM material has good lubrication properties, which can reduce the friction coefficient of bearings to a certain extent, reduce energy loss, and improve the working efficiency of equipment.

3. Excellent impact resistance: POM bearings have good impact resistance and can effectively resist external impact and vibration to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

4. Resistant to chemical corrosion: POM material has good chemical stability, can resist the erosion of various chemical substances, and is suitable for various harsh working environments.

5. Ease of processing: POM material has good plasticity and processing performance, making it easy to make bearings of various shapes and sizes to meet the needs of different equipment.

Application fields of POM bearings

POM bearings are widely used in the following fields due to their unique performance characteristics:

1. Automotive industry: POM bearings play an important role in automobile manufacturing, such as bearings for key components such as engines, transmission systems, and suspension systems, helping to improve the operating performance and reliability of automobiles.

2. Electronics industry: POM bearings are also widely used in electronic equipment, such as bearings for motors, fans, printers and other equipment, which can meet the equipment's requirements for high precision and high speed.

3. Machinery industry: POM bearings are suitable for various mechanical equipment, such as pumps, valves, compressors, etc., which can ensure the normal operation of the equipment and extend its service life.

4. Medical devices: POM bearings also have certain applications in the field of medical devices, such as surgical instruments, rehabilitation equipment, etc., which can meet the safety and non-toxic requirements of medical devices for materials.

Analysis of the advantages of POM bearings

Compared with traditional metal bearings, POM bearings have the following significant advantages:

1. Lightweight: The density of POM bearings is much lower than that of metal bearings, which enables lightweight equipment and helps reduce energy consumption and transportation costs.

2. Vibration reduction and noise reduction: POM bearings have good vibration reduction performance, which can effectively reduce vibration and noise during equipment operation and improve the quality of the working environment.

3. No need for lubrication: The self-lubricating performance of POM bearings makes it unnecessary to add additional lubricants to a certain extent, reducing maintenance costs and avoiding environmental pollution by lubricants.

4. Strong corrosion resistance: The chemical corrosion resistance of POM bearings allows them to maintain stable performance in harsh working environments, extending the service life of the bearings.

5. Low cost: POM materials are more affordable than metal materials, which gives POM bearings a greater advantage in cost control and helps reduce the overall cost of equipment.


POM bearings have demonstrated strong competitiveness in the field of engineering plastic bearings with their excellent performance characteristics and wide range of applications. With the continuous advancement of science and technology and the continuous improvement of technology, the performance of POM bearings will be further improved and the application fields will continue to expand. In the future, POM bearings are expected to play an important role in more fields and contribute to the development of modern industry.

At the same time, we also need to pay attention to the problems and challenges that may exist in the actual application of POM bearings, such as relatively weak high temperature resistance and possible performance degradation in some special environments. Therefore, we need to continue to study the performance characteristics of POM materials in depth, optimize the design and manufacturing process of POM bearings, and improve their comprehensive performance to meet the needs of different fields.

In addition, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the environmental performance of POM bearings also needs to receive more attention. In the future, we can explore more environmentally friendly POM material formulas and production processes, reduce the impact of POM bearings on the environment during production and use, and achieve sustainable development.

In general, Zoen Precision Instrument's polyacetal bearing is a high-performance, high-reliability bearing product suitable for various application scenarios that require high precision, high stability and long life. However, specific product characteristics and performance may vary due to different designs and manufacturing processes, so it is recommended to contact Zoen Precision Instrument directly for the most accurate and detailed product information.


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