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95% Shade 160g HDPE Warp Knitting Beige Sun Shade Net

95% Shade 160g HDPE Warp Knitting Beige Sun Shade Net

Product Introduction:
Dagong® Sun Shade Net
DSSN can protect the growth of crops both in summer and winter, it can help shading and cooling in summer while warming and moisturizing in winter. So, it is mainly used for the protective cultivation of vegetables, flowers, edible fungi, seedlings, medicinal materials, ginseng, Ganoderma and so on. It has obvious effect on raising the yield.


1. Shading. DSN has steady shading rate, which will be great to protect some fragile plants who need the environment to be cool and away from the light.

2. Permeability. Open structure makes it possible for air circulation, which help control the temperature in the green house or garden.

3. Protection. DSN is strong enough to protect the plants from rainstorm, small hail, attacks from birds and insects, etc.

4. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) material. We use high-quality HDPE material to ensure the durability and weather resistance of the sunshade net, maintaining its performance even in severe weather conditions.

5. Warp knitting technology. Using advanced warp knitting technology, the sunshade net has a tighter structure, providing better shading effect and stronger durability.

6. 95% shading rate. The high shading rate ensures that it can provide enough shade for plants or outdoor areas in hot summer while reducing ultraviolet exposure. 160g sun shade net, highly durable and provides excellent protection for outdoor spaces.

7. Beautiful and elegant. Beige sun shade net is not only beautiful and elegant, but also can naturally integrate with various environments, adding to the beauty of outdoor spaces.

8. Customized service. We provide custom warp knitting sun shade net service. According to your specific needs, we can customize sunshade nets of different sizes, colors and specifications.

9. Easy to install and maintain. The sunshade net has a simple design, easy installation and low maintenance cost, making it an ideal choice for outdoor sunshade.


Material Weave Color Measure Wire Diameter Weight/㎡ Shade Rate Warp Density Weft Density Mesh Size UV Radiation Warranty Reinforce Package
HDPE Warp Knitting Beige 2*50m 440D 160g 95% No plastic bag


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