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70% of the failures of high-pressure water injection pump are caused by poor lubrication

The water injection pump is a key equipment for water injection and oil production in oil fields. Whether the water injection pump can operate normally will directly affect the replenishment of oil well formation energy and determine the completion of the crude oil task of the oil production plant.

In recent years, statistical analysis has been conducted on the causes of water injection pump failures, and it was found that 70% of failures are caused by poor lubrication during the operation of the water injection pump. The main problem is that the lubricating oil flow is insufficient, the oil pressure cannot meet the needs of normal work, and the surface of the moving pair cannot be lubricated normally, resulting in increased equipment wear and frequent failures.



1. The entire lubrication system has many leakage points.

There are many leakage points, resulting in excessive oil consumption and insufficient oil supply pressure.

2. Inconvenient to disassemble and assemble

Because the filter gland and the outlet pipeline are directly connected, if the filter element needs to be cleaned, the entire lubricating oil pipeline must be removed and all pipelines must be reconnected after cleaning. The cleaning time is long, the maintenance workload is increased, and the maintenance time is extended. downtime.

3. The cover cannot be installed in place.

When installing the gland after cleaning the filter element each time, the pipeline must be rotated together with the pipeline. After the gland is connected, the gland cannot be tightened, which may easily cause leakage at the pipeline connection.

4. Small lubricating oil flow rate

Since the lubricating oil enters from the bottom of the filter, the filter element filters the oil, and the impurities carried by the oil are filtered out and deposited at the bottom of the filter, easily blocking the oil inlet channel, increasing the oil inlet resistance and reducing the lubricating oil flow rate. It cannot fully meet the lubrication needs of the water injection pump lubrication point.

5. The lubrication system process is unreasonable

When cleaning the filter, the filter oil inlet valve must be closed, and the working water injection pump cannot operate without lubricating oil. The pump must be stopped to clean the filter.

Technical transformation

We can see from the above points that the main problem is that there are too many structural defects in the direct connection between the filter gland and the filter pipeline, so the following solutions have been formulated:

1. Improve the filter outlet.

The filter outlet is designed in the middle and upper part of the filter and is completely separated from the filter gland. This avoids the need to disassemble the entire lubrication line when disassembling and cleaning. When cleaning, just open the gland and take out the filter element. It completely solves the problem of the gland not being able to be tightened and reduces the leakage of lubricating oil.

2. Improve the filter inlet.

The filter inlet is moved from the bottom of the filter to the middle and lower part. After the impurities carried by the engine oil are filtered out, they are deposited at the bottom of the filter without affecting the oil filter channel. It increases the lubricating oil inlet space, reduces the oil inlet resistance, and increases The amount of lubricating oil ensures that the lubricating points have sufficient oil, which solves the problem of insufficient oil supply.

3. Improve the filter element

Add a compression ring to the upper part of the filter element. The filter element can be fixed in the working state, which improves the filtration effect of the filter and solves the problem of lubricating oil quality.

4. Improve the lubrication system process

Add a lubricating oil bypass to the filter, and install a valve on the bypass. During normal operation, close the valve and the oil path will be blocked. The lubricating oil will enter the water injection pump through the filter. When cleaning the filter element, close the front and rear valves of the filter and open the valve on the bypass circuit. The lubricating oil enters the water injection pump through this circuit, which ensures the normal operation of the water injection pump and solves the problem of stopping the pump when cleaning the filter. , improve the utilization rate of the pump.


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