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Development trend of hydraulic chuck

The hydraulic chuck enables people to have more energy and time to solve
complex problems other than machine tools, and further develop chuck machine
tools and chuck systems. The development and innovation of the numerical control
system plays a very important role in the hydraulic chuck of the machine tool.
It can contain a large amount of information and store, analyze, process, judge,
adjust, optimize and control various information. The hydraulic chuck also has
important functions, such as tool and fixture database, dialog programming, tool
path inspection, process processing time analysis, start-up time status
analysis, actual processing load monitoring, processing navigation, adjustment,
optimization and adaptive control.

At present, my country has produced a batch of chuck series products with
independent intellectual property rights and technical level close to the
world's advanced level, such as hydraulic chucks with a machining diameter of
25m, floor milling and boring machines with a boring bar diameter of 320mm, and
CNC gantry with a machining width of more than 5m. Boring and milling machines,
hydraulic chucks with a rotation diameter of more than 5000mm, etc. At the same
time, the machining diameter is 29m, the five-axis linkage hydraulic chuck has a
machining width of 9.6m, a machining height of 8m, and a machining length of

With the rapid development of modern manufacturing technology, the
application of hydraulic chuck technology is becoming more and more extensive.
Hydraulic chucks have become important production equipment for various
machinery manufacturers and play an irreplaceable role in production. CNC lathes
generally use hydraulic chucks to clamp workpieces. Hydraulic chucks are usually
equipped with unhardened jaws, which we call soft jaws. There are two types of
soft jaws: inner grip and outer grip. When the chuck is closed, the soft jaws
that grip the workpiece tightly are the outer clamps.

The chuck device is indispensable on the machine tool. From double-jaw chucks
to six-jaw chucks, it plays a decisive role in machine tools. The quality of the
chuck determines the quality of the produced product and the service life of the
entire machine tool. Therefore, such a "small" part plays a vital role. We
manufacture a wide range of chucks at Zhonghe Machine Tool, including pneumatic
chucks, power chucks, and hydraulic chucks. With the continuous improvement of
technical quality, chuck products have gained many achievements and honors.

Because of its high precision and high production efficiency, hydraulic
chucks are regarded as long-term development goals by many large domestic
enterprises, and are promoted to the parts processing industry faster and more
widely. As a domestic enterprise, China occupies a certain market share in the
domestic market and industrial centers in developed regions abroad. As a machine
tool processing enterprise, the mission is very great. The development of
hydraulic chuck technology is directly related to the brokerage take-off of the


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