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The excavator is a heavy-duty construction machinery commonly used in earthmoving, foundation engineering, mining, river dredging and other projects. The main working parts of the excavator include buckets, booms, sticks, hydraulic cylinders, etc. These parts are driven by the hydraulic system to work together to realize earth excavation, loading, transfer and other operations.

Wuxi Cronus New Industry Co., Ltd. is rubber track excavator exporter and compact mini excavator supplier. A rubber track excavator is an excavator that uses rubber tracks as walking components. Rubber track excavator is usually equipped with hydraulic operating system, rotating platform, standard bucket and other working parts, which can realize various operation functions such as excavation, loading and transfer. In specific engineering projects, the rubber track excavator can improve operating efficiency and reduce the impact on the environment. It is an excavator model with broad application prospects.

The compact mini excavator is widely used in urban construction, landscaping, farmland management, pipeline laying and other fields, providing convenience and efficiency for engineering construction. The compact mini excavator is an ideal choice where small size but high efficiency are required.

Rubber track excavator has some unique advantages:

1. Low ground pressure: The rubber track distributes the weight of the vehicle and has less ground pressure on soft ground, reducing the pressure on the ground and reducing damage to the ground. It is suitable for operations in complex terrain and sensitive areas.

2. Low noise and vibration: The rubber track reduces the contact area with the ground, reduces the noise and vibration generated when the excavator is driving, and improves the driver's comfort.

3. Flexibility and adaptability: The rubber track excavator is suitable for indoor operations and operations in special environments, such as urban construction, interior decoration, etc. It is flexible and adaptable.

4. Lightweight design: The rubber track excavator is relatively lightweight and is more suitable for some light projects and operations in narrow construction sites.


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