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How to make EDM machining work well?

What conditions are required for electrical discharge machine to achieve the best machining results?

1. The electrical discharge machine two electrodes of the tool and workpiece need to be filled with corresponding liquid and gas media, and a reasonable distance should be maintained. This reasonable distance should meet the requirement that the pulse voltage can break through the medium and generate spark discharge, but it should not be too close to cause a short circuit, otherwise there will be no pulse energy consumption.

2. The pulse current needs to be terminated multiple times to form a channel between two adjacent currents, and this channel must have a peak current of not less than 2A. In addition, the space for concentrated discharge of pulsed current for a period of time must be transferred to prevent arcing and local burns.

3. Pulse discharge must be conducted for a short time of 10-7-10-3s, and the electrical corrosion products after discharge can be timely discharged outside the discharge gap.

Suzhou Longkai Electromechanical Technology Co.,Ltd has summarized three points of electrical discharge machine for your reference.


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