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How to repair and maintain the Beer Fermentation Tank

Regardless of whether you are a family brewing dealer or a craft brewing, regular maintenance is an indispensable part of the brewing process. It can help you brew the best beer, reduce the risk of accidents and pollution, and avoid expensive maintenance costs. The most important thing is that it helps avoid dealing with big problems at the worst time.


Master some beer fermenter Tank preventive maintenance skills, you can ensure that each brewing day, fermentation period and packaging process are smooth.

10 prompts to maintain the Beer Fermentation Tank device

1).Do not use CL-cleaner or disinfectant. This should be obvious, but we will mention it anyway!

2).If you do not intend to use your device for a while, be sure to clean the device thoroughly. After the water flow is cleared, turn off the valve. In addition, before using it for a long time, please clean the equipment thoroughly.

3).The heat exchanger should be disassembled and cleaned for a long time or after a long period of time. Metal brushes are not allowed when cleaning, and bending, twisting, stamping and squeezing heat exchanges are not allowed. And should replace the aging sealing pads in time.

4).Check the motor, pump connection and ground regularly to ensure correct connection. Check the oil level of the deceleration motor and hydraulic device. Add lubricating oil regularly according to the instructions. Check the tightening of stirring and farming accessories regularly.

5).All the water pumps shall not be empty or reversed. It is found that the leak should be replaced in time.

6).Regularly check whether there are foreign bodies and impurities in the struggle of the crushing machine, check whether the fasteners of the crusher are loose, and check the looseness of the driving belt and the reliability of the safety protection device. Clean the grinding roller regularly.

7).Regularly check the pressure gauge and safety valve of the steam heating equipment to ensure that the hydrophobic valve is unblocked; do not start heating before reaching the specified level. When high -temperature pipes such as steam, wheat juice and sugar chemical equipment, the warning signs should be hung on the top to prevent burns.

8).During filtration, do not extract wheat juice in large flow and damage the sieve plate! When the device is not used, it is not allowed to place heavy objects on the mesh to avoid deformation of the mesh. Keep all mechanical parts run smoothly during operation.

9).Check the phenomenon of leakage, leakage and liquid flow at any time. Pay attention to the concentration of alkali water in the alkaline water tank. If the concentration of alkali water is too low or too turbid, it should be replaced in time for washing.

10).Check all pipe valves at any time. If a leak is found, it should be repaired or replaced immediately.

Seven techniques for maintenance beer fermentation tank

Beer Fermentation Tank is widely used in beverages, chemical, food, dairy, condiments, brewing, pharmaceutical and other industries, playing a fermentation role.

1).The air intake pipe and the water outlet pipe are leaked at the connector. When the tightening of the joint cannot solve the problem, it should be installed or replaced.

2).Check the pressure gauge and safety valve regularly. If there are faults, it should be replaced or repaired in time.

3).When cleaning Beer Fermentation Tank, wash with a soft brush, do not scratch with hard tools to avoid damaging the surface of the fermented tank.

4).The supporting instruments should be calibrated once a year to ensure normal use.

5).Electric equipment, instruments, sensors and other electrical equipment are strictly prohibited to directly contact water and steam to avoid moisture.

6).When the device is stopped, it should be cleaned in time to exhaust the remaining water in the fermented tank and the tube roads; loosen the fermented tank lid and hand holes to avoid the deformation of the sealing ring.

7).If the beer fermentation tank is not used for the time being, you need to empty the fermented tank and drain the remaining water in the tank and in the pipelines.

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