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Introduction to the precautions for safe use of hydraulic manipulator!

The hydraulic manipulator is a robot arm driven by master-controlled hydraulic technology. It can be widely used in electric power operations, marine engineering, nuclear industry, emergency rescue and other fields. It is a very important working equipment in the field of special operations. However, as the application of robotic arms in various fields continues to upgrade, the issue of safe use of hydraulic robotic arms has attracted more and more attention. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the hydraulic manipulator, we need to scientifically introduce and reasonably emphasize the precautions for its safe use.

Precautions before operation

1. The operator should be a professional technician and must be familiar with the working principle of the hydraulic manipulator and its usage details to avoid accidents.

2. Before operation, check whether the operating lever of the lowering valve on the hydraulic manipulator is in the "not in use" position to ensure that the hydraulic system is closed.

3. Before operation, check whether the hydraulic system, electrical system, pneumatic system, and mechanical structure are intact to ensure that the robot is in a usable state.

Precautions during operation

1. Operators cannot stand in the front or side of the walking, lifting or telescopic path of the hydraulic manipulator to avoid dangers such as sliding, toppling, and collision of the manipulator.

2. When using a hydraulic manipulator to perform operations, the action route should be reasonably planned according to the actual task needs to avoid the situation where the manipulator gets stuck or squeezes objects from inappropriate angles.

3. When operating the hydraulic manipulator, you should keep a clear mind and do not drink alcohol or take any drugs that may affect your work to avoid safety hazards.

4. When an abnormality occurs in the hydraulic manipulator, it should stop running immediately, check the cause of the failure and repair it in time to ensure the safe use of the robot.


Maintenance precautions

1. When using the hydraulic manipulator, routine inspections and maintenance must be carried out in accordance with regulations to keep the machine clean, bright and stable.

2. The oil volume of the hydraulic manipulator should always be kept within the standard range and must not be exceeded or insufficient. The oil volume should be checked and replaced according to regulations.

3. The electrical equipment and control system of the hydraulic manipulator must be maintained regularly to avoid circuit failures that may cause equipment damage or endanger personnel safety.

4. When the hydraulic manipulator is stopped, the operating lever should be in the "not used" position to keep the robot in a closed state.

In short, the safe use of hydraulic manipulators needs to be based on professionalism and good maintenance. Operators should be familiar with the working principle of the hydraulic manipulator and its usage details, standardize the operating process, and avoid accidents; during the operation process, abnormal situations should be discovered and handled in a timely manner to ensure the safe operation of the robot; during the maintenance process, they should follow the regulations Carry out routine inspections and maintenance, maintain the oil volume, electrical equipment and control systems of the hydraulic manipulator to ensure the normal operation of the robot arm.

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