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Structural features of horizontal machining center

The horizontal machining center is one of the commonly used CNC machine tools. It has high technical content and is one of the iconic products in the development level of the CNC machine tool industry. The horizontal machining center mainly controls the basic movement of the machine tool through the CNC system and servo drive device. The main feature of its structure is the horizontal setting of the spindle, which is usually composed of 3-5 moving parts (spindle box, workbench, column or spindle sleeve, etc.). An automatic exchange workbench is set up on the horizontal machining center to form a flexible manufacturing cell (FMC) to realize automatic exchange of workpieces, that is, another workpiece can be loaded and unloaded while processing. After the workpiece is clamped once, it completes multi-process automatic processing, automatically selects and replaces tools, automatically changes the machine tool spindle speed and feed speed, automatically changes the motion trajectory of the tool and workpiece, and automatically implements other auxiliary functions. Let's learn about the structural characteristics of horizontal machining centers!


1. Mechatronics layout, compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy to operate, using advanced electronic technology and mechanical devices to achieve the best match, high reliability, easy to use and maintain. Use imported Taiwan CNC rotary worktable. The three-coordinate motion is concentrated on the column at the rear of the machine tool.

2. It adopts a column-driven structure. The restriction requirements on the front workbench are very small, and it is suitable for connecting machines to form a processing and manufacturing line;

3. The machine tool consists of a base, a column, a slide, a rotary table, a spindle box, a spindle component, a tool magazine component, a main drive system, a feed drive system, a lubrication system, a hydraulic system, a pneumatic system, a cooling system and a chip removal system. etc. composed;

4. The basic parts of the machine tool, including the base, column, and sliding seat, are all made of high-quality cast iron and have good seismic resistance.


5. The guide rails in the three coordinate directions all adopt high-stiffness rolling guide rails. The friction damping is small, the positioning accuracy is high, the accuracy is consistent, the stability is good, the movements of each component are sensitive, and the entire machine tool has excellent dynamic and static characteristics. The transmission error and backlash are reduced. Because the ball screw pair is pre-stretched and special bearings are selected to support the ball screw, the transmission accuracy is high, the rigidity is high, and the positioning accuracy is high;

6. The feed drive adopts imported high-performance AC servo motor, which is connected to the screw through a gapless coupling.

7. The spindle transmission system is driven by an imported AC servo spindle motor. The speed range reaches 60-6000rpm/min. The continuously variable speed range is large, the low-speed torque is large, and the constant power zone is wide. Use the S function to directly set the spindle speed, and the speed increment is up to 1 rpm. Therefore, the best cutting conditions can be selected according to the tool and workpiece material.

8. Use imported Taiwan spindle. Both the front and rear bearings are supported by SKF roller bearings, which improves the rigidity and stability of the spindle and allows for powerful cutting with high torque; it uses high-performance grease seal lubrication, which has low temperature rise and low noise. There is an air curtain protection device at the front end of the spindle to prevent contamination of the spindle bearing; the spindle has high precision, and the deflection at 300mm from the spindle end is within 0.008mm;

9. The tool handle is clamped using a four-petal claw method. The tool clamping is reliable; an imported pneumatic booster cylinder is used for tool unclamping. The booster cylinder has a blowing linkage function, which can blow the tool when the tool reaches the top. The spindle taper hole and tool handle can be cleaned at the same time as the tool is loosened. ;


10. The disk-type tool magazine with a capacity of 30 knives is controlled by a cam mechanism, and tool changing is realized through the movement of the manipulator and column. The tool changing is rapid and accurate, the action is stable and reliable, and the tool changing time is less than 2 seconds.

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