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The FSH-DS628 lyophilized beads packing system-Patented product

The FSH-DS628 lyophilized beads packing system is an innovative and technologically advanced invention that is protected by National Patent Office. By obtaining invention patents,  preventing others from plagiarizing or infringing on its patents. This also serves as recognition and encouragement for the research and development team of FSH-DS628 bead packing system, facilitating further development and promotion of the product.


 The FSH-DS628 lyophilized beads packing system is an semi-automated device designed to assist researchers and manufacturers pack lyophilized beads with high efficiency. The system features the following characteristics:

1. High precision control: The system is equipped with high-precision sensors and control systems, enabling accurate packaging of lyophilized beads.

2. High degree of automation: The FSH-DS628 lyophilized beads dispensing system is designed for automation, decrease manual intervention available for large batch lyophilized bead packing, saving time and labor costs.

3. High efficiency: The system employs a multi-channel process design, enabling the rapid completion of the lyophilized beads packaging process, significantly enhancing packaging efficiency.

4. Good stability: The FSH-DS628 lyophilized beads packing system utilizes high-quality materials and design, exhibiting excellent stability and a long lifespan, capable of long-term stable operation.

5. Strong flexibility: The system possesses strong flexibility, allowing for customized design based on different lyophilized beads packaging requirements to meet various research and production needs.

During the packaging process, the FSH-DS628 lyophilized beads dispensing system can automatically complete multiple processes, including beads  loading, packaging, and inspection of lyophilized beads. These processes can be swiftly and efficiently executed, greatly enhancing packaging and production efficiency. Furthermore, the system also demonstrates good stability and a long lifespan, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of experiments and production.


In addition to its high degree of automation, The system can be customized to accommodate different packaging requirements, allowing for the selection of various bead sizes to meet diverse experimental and production needs. Moreover, the system demonstrates high adaptability and compatibility, enabling its use with different types of beads and containers, expanding its packaging scope and application areas.


In summary, the FSH-DS628 lyophilized beads packing system is a powerful, fast, automated, stable, and flexible lyophilized beads packaging equipment with broad applicability and reliability. It can assist researchers and manufacturers in swiftly and accurately completing the packaging of lyophilized beads, enhancing experimental and production efficiency. The FSH-DS628 lyophilized beads packing system has a wide range of applications and promising market prospects. It can improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and meet the diverse needs of operators, offering vast market potential and application value.

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