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The impact and role of plastic bag making machines in the bag making process

Today Wuxi Jast will introduce the content of bag making machines. The bag making machine is an important machine in the field of plastic packaging processing. The plastic bag making machine requires a heat sealing temperature during the bag making process. A reasonable heat sealing temperature is helpful for production. Its function is to make the adhesive film layer Heated to a more ideal viscous flow state. When selecting the heat sealing temperature, it needs to be comprehensively considered based on the characteristics of the heat sealing material, the thickness of the film, the number of heat sealing presses, the size of the heat sealing area, etc. If the number of times of hot pressing of the agreed part increases, the temperature can be appropriately lowered. If the heat sealing area increases, the heat sealing temperature can be raised.

Here we take PVC plastic as an example. PVC plastic is an amorphous polymer and has no fixed melting point, so there is only one melting temperature range, that is, a temperature area between the solid phase and the liquid phase. When heated to this temperature Within the range, the film will enter a molten state. The upper and lower limits of the temperature range represent the decomposition temperature and viscous flow temperature of PVC respectively. The difference between them is the key to determining the ease of heat sealing.

During the bag making process of the plastic bag making machine, the heat sealing strength is affected by the heat sealing temperature. The higher the heat sealing temperature, the heat sealing strength will also increase, but when it reaches a certain temperature, the heat sealing strength will no longer change. If the heat sealing temperature is too high during the high-speed bag making process, it will damage the heat sealing material at the welding point, reduce the heat sealing strength of the seal and the impact resistance of the bag. Therefore, the heat sealing temperature should be higher than the melting temperature of the heat sealing material, and the temperature should not be too high.


Plastic bag making machines and their processing objects, here we specifically refer to plastic films, have a common characteristic. That is to say, a piece of machinery can only process plastic films within a certain range of properties. When we understand the properties of plastic films On the basis of, starting from the three factors of bag making, namely: pressure, temperature, and pressing time, when making bags (under the premise of ensuring the pressing intensity, relatively speaking) the pressing pressure should be large and the pressing temperature should be low. The hot pressing time needs to be long. After this treatment, the hot pressing seal of the composite bag will be beautiful, beautiful and upright.

Let's let the bag making machine manufacturer introduce the solution to the problem that the plastic bag making machine has low discharging speed or does not work properly.

(1) The eye position switch has poor contact or poor cam angle and should be adjusted or replaced.

(2) The thyristor or rectifier tube of the discharge speed regulating circuit board is broken down and should be repaired or replaced.

The above is the relevant content introduced to us by Wuxi Jast. Do you know the solution to the problem of low discharging speed or abnormal working of plastic bag making machine? Please continue to pay attention to this site to learn more about plastic bag making machine information and knowledge!

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