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Case Studies: Successful Customs Clearance Experiences in Russia

Navigating the complexities of customs regulations is a critical component of international trade, especially in a country like Russia where the procedures can be particularly stringent. Greatway Logistics has established itself as a leader in providing effective logistics solutions that streamline the customs clearance process. Through strategic partnerships and innovative logistics solutions, Greatway has facilitated smooth customs experiences for major players in the e-commerce and retail sectors. Here, we explore two significant case studies that highlight Greatway's expertise in handling customs clearance in Russia.

1. Partnership with AliExpress in Vladivostok


In 2019, Greatway Logistics embarked on a pivotal partnership with AliExpress, the renowned global retail online marketplace, to become its transit station and distribution center in Vladivostok. This strategic move was designed to enhance the efficiency of deliveries and streamline customs processes for AliExpress shipments entering Russia.

The Challenge:

AliExpress needed a reliable partner to handle the influx of goods entering Russia, ensuring timely customs clearance and distribution within the vast territories of Russia’s Primorsky region and beyond. The main challenge was managing the high volume of shipments while complying with Russian customs regulations to avoid delays and penalties.

The Solution:

Greatway Logistics leveraged its local expertise and robust infrastructure to set up an efficient transit station in Vladivostok. By doing so, they provided AliExpress with a strategic entry point into Russia, which is closer to many of the key markets in the eastern part of the country.

Customs Expertise: Greatway's deep understanding of the Russian customs regulations allowed for precise and compliant document preparation, ensuring a smooth customs process.

Regional Coverage: The service covered 26 cities across 15 regions, including the Primorsky Territory and key cities such as Central and Novosibirsk, ensuring widespread distribution capabilities.

Logistical Efficiency: With an established distribution center, Greatway was able to quickly process incoming shipments and distribute them throughout Russia, significantly reducing delivery times.

The Outcome:

The partnership greatly enhanced AliExpress’s operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in Russia. By reducing the customs clearance time and ensuring reliable distribution, Greatway helped AliExpress strengthen its market presence in Russia.

2. Collaboration with JD Logistics for Appliance Clearance


In 2020, Greatway Logistics teamed up with JD Logistics, a major player in the global logistics industry, to manage the customs declaration, inspection, warehousing, and distribution of home appliances in Russia.

The Challenge:

The importation of home appliances involves stringent customs inspections and complex documentation due to the high value and specific standards required for these products. The challenge was to expedite the customs process without compromising compliance with Russian regulations.

The Solution:

Greatway Logistics worked closely with local customs authorities to facilitate a green channel for the quick customs clearance of home appliances. This initiative was designed to prioritize JD Logistics' shipments, reducing waiting times and expediting the delivery process.

Green Channel Negotiation: Greatway's strong relationships with local customs authorities enabled the establishment of a green channel, significantly speeding up the clearance process.

Comprehensive Service Offering: Greatway provided an all-encompassing solution that included customs declaration, thorough inspection processes, strategic warehousing, and efficient cargo distribution.

Regulatory Compliance: Greatway ensured that all shipments complied with Russian customs regulations, thereby avoiding potential fines and delays.

The Outcome:

The collaboration with JD Logistics was a resounding success, leading to significantly quicker customs clearances for home appliances. This not only improved turnaround times but also enhanced customer satisfaction for JD Logistics’ end users.


Greatway Logistics' case studies with AliExpress and JD Logistics illustrate the company's capacity to handle complex customs challenges and provide tailored logistics solutions in Russia. By integrating comprehensive service offerings with a deep understanding of local regulations and excellent relationships with customs authorities, Greatway Logistics has positioned itself as a key facilitator of smooth and efficient international trade into Russia. As global trade dynamics continue to evolve, partnerships like these underscore the critical role of experienced logistics providers in ensuring successful market expansions and operations in challenging regulatory environments.


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