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high quality MX MS color metallic yarn lurex embroidery thread metallic yarn For Weaving


Products Name Metallic Yarn,Metallic Thread, Lurex Yarn,Metallic Embroidery Thread
Metallic Yarn Type: Mh, Ms, Mx
Yarn Composition: Metallic & Polyester
Metallic Yarn Width: 1/100??, 1/90??, 1/69??, 1/32??, Etc.
Metallic Yarn Thickness: 1.2mic, 1.5mic, 2.3mic, 2.5mic, 3.0mic? ?
Metallic Yarn Colors: Gold, Silver, Cooper, Black, White ? ?
Yarn Bobbin Sizes: 100-Gram, 200-Gram, 300-Gram? ?Customized,
Packing: 500g/Cone. 40 Cones/ Carton.
1*20 FCL Can Ship 5 Tons.
1*40 HQ Can Ship 12.5 Tons.
Function Description Pattern Cloth, Knitting, Weaving, Arts And Crafts
Free Sample Yes


Our products include lurex embroidery thread and MS type metallic yarn, both of which are metal threads used for weaving.

Lurex embroidery thread is made from a material that combines metallic wire with colorful yarns. It has rich color options, with more than 100 colors to choose from. Customers can choose the suitable color according to their preferences and needs. Lurex embroidery thread is not only bright in color, but also long-lasting and not easy to fade.

MS type metallic yarn is a high quality metal yarn suitable for various weaving processes. Its specifications can be customized according to customer orders, usually the specifications are 150d/2 shares, 240d/4 shares, 300d/4 shares, etc. We also provide other specifications, such as 150d, 300d, 400d, 600d, 1200d, etc., to meet different weaving needs.

Our lurex embroidery thread and MS type metallic yarn are sold in kilograms. The minimum order quantity is 1kg. Product packaging uses rolls, cartons or polypropylene bags to ensure the safety of the product during transportation.

As a professional lurex embroidery thread supplier and MS type metallic yarn company, futureyarn is committed to providing high-quality products and excellent services.

Our lurex embroidery thread and MS type metallic yarn are high quality metal thread products suitable for various weaving processes. Whether it is clothing, home textiles or other textiles, it can produce excellent results. We also support color selection and specification customization to meet customers' different needs.


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