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Uses and benefits of kevlar fabric

  Aramid polymer materials were widely used in the Iraq War. In addition to national defense applications, it has been widely used in aerospace, mechanical and electrical engineering, engineering construction, vehicles, cultural and sporting goods and other social and economic fields.

  At the airline and aerospace level, aramid saves a lot of driving power due to its light weight and high compressive strength. According to overseas materials, every 1 kilogram of net weight reduction means a cost reduction of $1 million during the entire process of spacecraft launch.

  In addition, the manufacturer of kevlar fabric believes that the rapid development of high technology has opened up a large number of new civil interior Spaces for aramid. According to reports, at present, arnylon products account for about 7-8% of body armor, hats, aerospace raw materials, sports and cultural raw materials account for about 40%; Tire frame raw materials, conveyor belt raw materials accounted for about 20%, high strength rope accounted for about 13%.

  Aramid steel cord is gradually widely used in the tire industry to ease the net weight and reduce the turnover friction resistance. Aramong fabric structure mechanical properties excellent, aramong fabric is a flexible polymer, elongation at break than general polyester fabric and cotton, tensile strength is different, different sizes, length than polyester staple fiber and polyester filament, textile equipment set different cotton yarn handmade fabric, nonwoven fabric carding, to meet the provisions of different industries protective clothing. Excellent flame retardant rating, temperature resistance, aramid fabric limit flame retardant rating of more than 28, easy to leave the flame. The decision of flame retardant aramid is determined by its chemical structure, which is a permanent flame retardant fabric with reduced or missing flame retardant properties without use time and washing time.

  kevlar fabric manufacturers believe that aramid has excellent heat resistance, Kevlar dissolves into water droplets at high temperatures, rather than at high temperature standards, and gradually carbonizes when the temperature exceeds 370c. Aramid fabrics are stable, resistant to most chemical products, and have a high concentration of strong oxidants. Aramid fabric has excellent resistance to radioactive material radiation source.

  The aramid fabric has excellent wear resistance and chemical resistance, and the fabric tearing compressive strength after 100 times of cleaning can still reach more than 85% of the initial compressive strength.

  From the above detailed introduction, I firmly believe that everyone already knows the advantages of kevlar fabric in applications, which reminds you that more and more regions are using kevlar fabric to fully play a more common role in applications. In fact, it is evident from the flame retardant and application performance resistance side of kevlar fabric that it is much more than ordinary high-performance textile threads, and everyone must fully understand the high quality performance of kevlar fabric.

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