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Detailed features of dtf film

The detailed characteristics of dtf film, customers usually pay attention to the price and quality of engraving film when buying engraving film, then the quality is related to the material characteristics of engraving film, then the following small series to introduce the characteristics of dtf film, so that customers can have reference value when choosing engraving film quality.


There are many types of lettering film, including TPU lettering film, PVC lettering film, fabric lettering film, etc., we will briefly talk about the material of TPU lettering film here: Q1-1 series of engraving film using polyurethane elastic material, 100UM thick high temperature resistant polyester release substrate, in terms of products are SGS(Class 7) environmental certification, as well as OEKO-TEX100 certification.


Diverse colors, bright colors, the surface meets the requirements of the product (in addition to special varieties, requirements), tightly stitched, special lettering film to meet special requirements.


Q1-1TPU lettering film should have a soft feel, stretchable, high cover, the surface has a frosted effect, no deformation after high temperature hot stamping, good weather resistance and water resistance, easy to carve, cut, waste characteristics


Choose the right materials according to their characteristics. PVC lettering film is anti-stretch, so this lettering film is not recommended for use in swimwear, because swimwear should have an elastic effect. Therefore, when choosing dtf film wholesale, we must first determine what materials to apply in the selection of dtf film.

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