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What can dtf segment ink be printed?

What printing paper is used for white ink heat transfer printing? Actually, a heat transfer printer is also known as a dtf segment ink.

PET printing film is the most widely used type in white ink hot stamping machines, which can be divided into single film and double film. Printing film is also divided into cold tear film, warm tear film, and hot tear film. When choosing a printing film, we can choose which type of printing film to use based on the printing material. PET printing film has three main characteristics: no engraving, no pulling, no waste discharge, strong ink absorption, and good release.

The brand new white ink DTF segment ink is the most suitable DTF segment ink that has been mixed countless times with hot melt adhesive powder. This type of DTF segment ink has uniform powder adhesion and clear image quality, and can be customized on different materials, regardless of the material, to meet your personalized needs.

1. Special white ink hot stamping film, first colored and then white, with bright colors and ultra-high restoration.

2. Use our special hot melt powder to evenly coat and bake, with high washability.

3. Easy to shake powder without leaving any powder, hot stamping without white edges.

4. Hot stamping is simple and sturdy, with no problem with cold or hot tearing.

5. Soft and elastic to the touch, without cracking.

6. Strong application areas, various types of cotton and polyester can be pressed and ironed.

What can dtf segment ink be printed?

Widely used in textile printing and dyeing, clothing printing and dyeing, clothing production printing, clothing fabric printing, textile printing, advertising production, leather printing, glass printing, ceramic printing, luggage leather printing, automotive decoration, non-woven fabrics, photos, craft paintings, flags, kite fabrics, silk and other polyester printed fabrics.

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