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Advantages of electric motorcycles

1. Electric is trendy

Riding an electric motorcycle now seems to have a greater added value than a
general gasoline motorcycle, which seems to represent that the owner cares about
the earth, loves green energy, limits his carbon footprint, and so on. Moreover,
the cost of electric vehicles is much lower than that of gasoline, so they are
less affected by fluctuations in international oil prices.

2. Low maintenance cost

Electric motorcycles basically need to maintain the place is not much,
compared with the general traditional motorcycle is much less, the most common
loss should only tire and brake to order.

3. Large torque output

Most electric motorcycles are not fast, but depending on the electric motor
output characteristics, even the electric motorcycle of a cat a dog brand also
has a very good torque output, and it is with the turn, quite powerful. If the
budget is not a problem, electric motorcycles also have boutique products from
Italy, such as Energica Ego, which has the strength of exceeding 240km/h,
acceleration and fast tail speed. Step.

4Be quiet

If you are a person who believes that Loud pipes save lives, you will
certainly not like a motorcycle that runs quietly without sound. However, some
people like noisy, there will be some people enjoy quiet, the characteristics of
electric motorcycles is to run without any noise, compared to the general
gasoline engine motorcycle running 80db volume, electric motorcycles can
basically only be the background running sound.

5. Easy to navigate

Electric motorcycles basically do not need to shift, basically is a large
torque pedal motorcycle, whether the vehicle is a cross-country imitation or
vintage car, as long as the bicycle people should not have a problem.

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