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Webinar: Application of BARTY Introducer Sheath and PTA Balloon – Prof, Donglin Li

In the ever-evolving field of vascular intervention, the need for innovative and effective tools is paramount. As a leading expert in this field, Barty Medical is excited to share our latest webinar with you. During the seminar, Prof. Donglin Li shared the topic of Application of BARTY Introducer Sheath and PTA Balloon.

Vascular access procedures are critical in the treatment of various vascular diseases. However, these procedures can be complex and challenging, requiring a high level of skill and precision. The use of advanced tools such as the Heety long sheath and PTA balloon from Barty Medical can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of these procedures.

The Heety long sheath is a revolutionary tool designed to facilitate access to the vascular system. Its unique design allows for easy insertion and navigation through the vascular system, reducing the risk of complications and improving patient outcomes. Furthermore, the Heety long sheath is compatible with a wide range of catheters and guidewires, making it a versatile tool in any vascular intervention procedure.

The PTA balloon, on the other hand, is an essential tool in percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) procedures. It is used to dilate narrowed or blocked blood vessels, restoring normal blood flow and improving patient health. The PTA balloon from Barty Medical is designed for optimal performance, offering precise control and reliable results.

In our webinar, Professor Li Donglin shared valuable tips and tricks on how to optimize the use of these tools in vascular access procedures. He highlighted the importance of proper technique and tools selection, as well as the need for continuous learning and skill development. He also emphasized the role of these tools in simplifying complex cases and improving patient outcomes.

Introduction to Prof, Donglin Li

Hospital: The First Affiliated Hospital, College of Medicine, Zhejiang University

Brief Introduction: Donglin Li, male, medical doctor, deputy chief physician of VascularSurgery, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School ofMedicine, and master's supervisor of Zhejiang University.

? Deputy Secretary-General cf the World Yauth Council of the InternationalVascular Federation.

? Vice Chairman of Youth Committee of China Branch of International Vascular Union.

? Member of Visceral Special Committee of Vascular Sungery Branch of Chinese edical Doctor Association.

? Member of the Research and Transformation Committee of Endovascular Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Associalion.

? Chinese Society of Integrated traditional and Western Medicine thromboangiitis obliterans special committee member.

? Member and Secretary of Vascular Surgery Committee of ZhejiangMedical Association.

He is the editorial board member of the Chinese Journal of VascularSurgery the editorial board member of the Chinese Joumnal of VascularSurgery (Electrcnic edition), and the editorial board member of the ChineseJournal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.

Seminar content directory:

1. What is an guiding sheath?

2. Introducer Sheath Structure

? Advantages of HEETY Introducer sheath

? Introducer sheath tip types and their respective applications

? Practical application case analysis

3. Wanty PTA Balloon

? Structure of Wanty PTA balloon

? Features of Wanty PTA balloon

? Advantages of Wanty PTA balloon

? Practical application case analysis

In conclusion, the Heety long sheath and PTA balloon from Barty Medical are innovative tools that can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of vascular access procedures. By leveraging these tools and adopting a patient-centered approach, healthcare providers can simplify complex cases and improve patient outcomes.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn from industry experts and enhance your skills in vascular intervention. Watch our webinar now and join the conversation on how to optimize vascular access procedures.


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