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2024 Fall/Winter Women’s Print & Pattern Forecast | Fanbur Textile

Pastoral Rock

The action subculture brings inspiration to the pastoral rock theme, aiming to update floral prints and botanical prints in a sustainable way. This season, botanical prints are stylized, bringing new ideas to handmade shapes and natural textures.


Take inspiration from harmonious mirrored layouts, focusing on tough sinuous roots and twisting branches.

Empowering nature combined with key drivers to create a green alternative to prints through natural prints embossed from berries and leaves. Keep an eye out for mignonette and chamomile, two plants known for their durability and color strength. Features pine stems and cranberry elements for a crafty holiday theme.


Vitality Academy

The energy of the happy state of mind is getting stronger and stronger, promoting the classic theme to present a sense of playfulness. The joyful super bright colors that invigorate the mood inject new ideas into the new school style, echoing the trend of vitality colleges, and at the same time promote the continuous development of the theme of #Protagonist energy.

With the increasing popularity of personalized graffiti and spray silk screen printing, the classic theme is combined with saturated spray painting design to present an innovative and classic style. Choose common decorative patterns, such as Hearts, stationery or books, echoing the theme of #BookClub book club. Israel's Kornit Digital printing machine enables garments to appear in vibrant, responsible colors.


Ornate Structure

Rediscover inner peace with decorative structure and a soothing sense of order. Ornate decorative patterns are on the rise, getting neater this season, inspired by technology and precisely arranged geometric shapes. The allover design lends sophistication to the whimsical and flowy print, echoing the trend for understated classics.

Mirror symmetrical printing is used to create a sense of order. Use Air-Ink or Living Ink created with carbon capture technology to develop prints in just one or two colors to add digital flair and sophistication to your pieces. Also, echoing initiatives around circular design systems, debossing or embroidering a single material for subsequent recycling.


Phantom Phantom

The foggy fade effect reflects the dark tone of the Multiple Crisis era. Designers are using AI creativity to create surreal styles. Unreal's faded patterns and fuzzy prints have a cross-season appeal, echoing the theme of endless fantasy predictions.

Flowers on a dark background with fuzzy distortion. Use out-of-focus patterns interlaced with flowers and shadows, with trompe l'oeil fabrics and texture prints. Use digital printing technology to achieve photo distortion effects while reducing dye usage and chemical waste.


Craft Landscape

Patchwork patterns and mixed media prints reference vintage secondhand styles and repurposed designs. Featuring a patchwork design and restoration process that echoes the artistic theme of upcycling. With the issue of overconsumption in the spotlight, the focus is on utilizing fashion archives and slow-moving fabrics to inspire tapestry designs and prints.

Judging from the handicraft trend, the desire for personalization is driving the increasing popularity of hand-painted and hand-made designs. When creating patchwork designs, use prints from previous seasons to reduce fabric and screen waste. Direct-to-garment injection hand-painted patterns have a personalized effect. Emphasis on narrative and setting lends the piece a tapestry-like aesthetic.


Ornate Brocade

Brands began to explore Renaissance art and interior decoration one after another, focusing on regional traditions. Tapestry and home decoration floral designs embodied the look, while thrift culture and remodeling trends fueled the revival of Renaissance art and Baroque.

Designers currently refer heavily to European art, but the trend will look globally and reach out to different regions. Currently, designers are digging into the Western Renaissance, drawing inspiration from prints and patterns from the past. Incorporate the wildly successful home decor flower into collaborative handicrafts from around the world, such as digitally rendered tapestry prints.

Reuse original upholstery fabrics to create durable, durable pieces. Cut-and-sew remodeling creates a unique pattern. Digital printing reduces water and ink usage to create a range of colors for this gorgeous theme.


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