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Common faults and solutions of bag making machines

Making machine   

making machine   


   When we use the bag making machine, we sometimes encounter the bag making machine malfunction. How should we deal with these problems? Let's introduce the common faults of the bag making machine and their solutions.

1. The stepper motor has abnormal noise when it is turned on, and the film cannot be sent
(1) Check whether the rotation of the main motor is correct and adjust it to the correct direction indicated by the arrow.
(2) Whether the stepper motor driver shows failure, turn off the main power supply and re-energize it to return to normal.
2. The film feeding size varies during the working process, the feeding size is more than 5mm shorter than the preset size, and the film is not fed once during the working process.
(1) The sensitivity of the photoelectric eye is not well adjusted or the polarity is incorrectly selected.
(2) The photoelectric switch seat should be replaced if it leaks electricity to the ground or short-circuits between terminals.
(3) The unwinding speed is lower than the feeding speed, it is necessary to loosen the film pressing strips, check the performance of the unwinding part, and troubleshoot.
3. The torque of the squinting motor is obviously reduced, and the bag size is not accurate
It shows that the stepper driver is faulty, or the connection part of the rubber roller and the stepper motor is stuck.
4. Inaccurate photoelectric tracking during bag making
The adjustment method and working status of the photoelectric eye are not selected correctly. Correctly adjust according to the instructions.The pre-adjusted film feeding length (when adjusting the blank bag) is too far from the actual bag size, so you should reset the thread length or adjust the pressure and adjust the device.If the film resistance is too large or the quality of the products in the previous process is poor, the materials should be checked and replaced.
5. The feeding speed is low or working abnormally
(1) The eye position switch is in poor contact or the cam angle is not good, should be adjusted or replaced.
(2) The thyristor or rectifier tube of the discharge speed regulating circuit board is broken down and should be repaired or replaced.Leds




  • Mechanical equipment and its processing objects, here we specifically refer to plastic films, have a mutually compatible feature, that is, a mechanical equipment can only process plastic films within a certain range of properties.

  • We understand the properties of plastic films on the basis of , Starting from the three elements of bag making, namely: pressure, temperature, and pressing time.

  • When making bags (under the premise of ensuring the pressing strength, relatively speaking), the pressing pressure should be large, the pressing temperature should be low, and the pressing time It must be long, and the hot seal of the composite bag after such treatment is beautiful, beautiful and straight.

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