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How can the slitting line have high processing accuracy?

Slitting line manufacturer – Bangzhou Machinery believes that applying the strip centralized control theory to the slitting production line is very important and necessary for the slitting line manufacturer. Its function is to keep the steel strip in the center of the production line, which is generally not Central position. After the control system is put into operation, the steel strip will be placed in the central position. If the slitting line does not have a central control system or the central control theory is incorrectly applied, the production line will not have high processing accuracy and production capacity.

In the practice of the slitting line, the adjustment of the bearing clearance or its adjustment is mainly achieved through the bearing itself and its locking device, thus having a good adjustment effect. Now the slitting line mainly relies on motors and frequency converter equipment. Generally speaking, It is said that it is more suitable to use a 4-stage motor and a frequency converter with vector. According to the machine made by the slitting line manufacturer, it can be used to process the data of different materials in the slitting line.

Regarding this problem, Bangzhou Machinery believes that it is not difficult to solve. It only needs to add a fine-tuning solution to the longitudinal cutting line planning, that is, install fine-tuning equipment to deal with the above problems. There are many standards and parameters for the slitting line, but there are primary parameters and some general parameters. Standard and other technical parameters of the slitting line are also very important. As for the price of the blade, it mainly depends on the standard and application requirements of the blade.

It is very important to install the blade on the longitudinal cutting line. Therefore, the user should pay enough attention to this work, take it seriously, and regulate it to obtain a good installation effect. As for the horizontal twists and turns of the longitudinal cutting line after cutting, the twists and turns occur In terms of materials, these are vertical cutting lines, allowing us to understand and grasp them, and make full use of common sense to play its due role and reflect its value.


Slitting line manufacturers talk about the reasons that affect the cutting process of slitting lines

For those who understand the slitting line, most of them know that the balance of the slitting line has a great influence on us. As long as the superposition is correct, the bite angle can be ensured. If the superposition is too large and the bite angle is too small, the torque will also increase. However, if the stack is too small, continuous clipping will occur.

At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the continuity of the slitting line in the cutting time, because the slitting line will locally jump during operation, so the axis needs to be set reasonably to prevent the adverse effects of similar problems and ensure the accuracy of the selection.

At the same time, the selection of the slitting line is also related to the thickness, tension and tensile strength of the strip. In addition, the accuracy of the tool is another aspect that needs to be considered, which has an impact on continuous shearing. If there is a gap between the cutter axis and the inner hole of the cutter, it will cause the cutter to deviate during movement. If the offset is too large, intermittent shearing will occur. With the continuous development of slitting line manufacturers, the stacking quantity of slitting lines can now be adjusted, and digital automation is adopted, making our operations more convenient and greatly reducing the probability of problems.

The above is what the editor of the slitting line manufacturer explained. Do you all understand it? Thank you everyone for watching, and we will see you in the next issue.

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