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Precautions for the production of planetary gearboxes

Planetary gearbox, also known as planetary reduction box, is a mechanism in which multiple planetary gears rotate around a sun gear. It is also a mechanism that reduces the transmission speed ratio and at the same time increases the motor torque proportionally. The following introduces the precautions for the production of planetary gearboxes.

The working principle of the planetary gearbox. The speed-increasing gearbox is driven by a large pulley and a motor. The motor power requirement is 65KW and the maximum speed is 132rpm. The large pulley drives the small pulley through the belt. The drive and the small pulley are installed on the same shaft. The large gear drives the small gear to increase speed. High-speed bearings are a key factor in determining whether the gearbox can work normally, so the selection of bearings is crucial to the gearbox.

The material selection of planetary gearbox gears is also very important. The gears used in general compressors are generally made of quenched and tempered steel 40Cr with a hardness of HRC54. Gears made of this material have high contact strength and good wear resistance. Important gear transmission for loads. The number of small gears is selected as 15, the module is 2, the number of teeth of the large gear is selected as 225, the design accuracy of the gear is set as level 4, and the machining accuracy is guaranteed to be at least level 5.


At the same time, in order to ensure the minimum operating requirements of the planetary gearbox, according to the shape of the box and the actual processing conditions during design, the position tolerance of the box during design is level 4 accuracy, and the accuracy must be guaranteed to be above level 5 during processing.

The design of the planetary gearbox is reasonable and the operation is smooth. However, there are some noteworthy problems during the design, manufacturing and operation processes. Therefore, the gear processing must ensure the necessary accuracy. Otherwise, the gearbox will produce huge noise during operation and reduce the cost of the planetary gearbox. The service life of the bearing is reduced, which may cause irreparable damage to the gearbox. When using a V-belt, attention must be paid to making the diameter of the small pulley large enough to meet the minimum requirements for the belt wrap angle. Otherwise, belt skipping and slipping will occur, and the speed and power transmission tasks cannot be completed.

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