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What is the routine maintenance of cnc engraving machines?

As a manufacturer of cnc engraving machines, I often encounter customers asking about the routine maintenance of their machines. Correct daily maintenance can not only improve the working efficiency of cnc engraving machines, but also extend the service life of cnc engraving machines.

The daily maintenance of the machine is a simple but very important thing. This article introduces the maintenance methods of cnc engraving machines from various aspects. I hope it will be helpful for you to use the engraving machine better.

1. Daily maintenance of cnc engraving machines spindle

It is recommended to limit the continuous operation time of cnc engraving machines to less than 10 hours per day. The cooling water should be kept clean and the pump should be able to work normally. Water cooling spindle must not lack of water, and pay attention to regularly replace the cooling water to avoid too high water temperature. When the spindle is hot, the operation of cnc engraving machines must be stopped, and the cooling water and cooling water pump must be checked in time to avoid damage to the machine spindle.

If you work in a hot area, you can choose to use a chiller, which can always keep the cooling water low. When the temperature is too low in winter, the water in the tank can be replaced with antifreeze to make the machine work normally.

When your engraving machine chooses an air-cooled spindle, you should check whether the cooling fan of the spindle is running in time. If the temperature of the spindle is too high or the fan is faulty, stop the machine for maintenance in time.

After the day's operation is complete, first remove the carving knife and let the spindle chuck lock nut in a relaxed state. This helps to extend the service life of the spindle chuck.

2. Daily cleaning of cnc engraving machines

After each use of the engraving machine, it needs to be cleaned. Need to pay attention to the dust and material debris on the transmission system, and then start to clean the work surface; Note that it is usually best not to accumulate debris on the workbench surface to avoid deformation of the platform.

Clean the dust in the electric box regularly (Note: be sure to cut off the power supply first, and then do it after the display is not displayed and the loop power indicator is off). Check whether the screws of the terminal and each component are loose to ensure the safe and reliable use of the circuit. If your engraving machine needs to use a computer, you also need to clean the inside of the computer. Too much dust in the computer will cause the computer to fail, and the signal error will cause the engraving machine to misposition.

3. engraving machine lubrication system

The transmission system is lubricated regularly every week, and engraving machines equipped with manual lubrication need to be manually lubricated every 3-5 days. Or if you need to, you can also buy a woodworking engraver with an automatic lubrication system. Engraving machines with automatic lubrication system can be automatically lubricated by setting the interval time and lubrication time.

If the machine is not used for a long time, it should be lubricated regularly (weekly) to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system.

The good maintenance of cnc engraving machines can ensure that the machine can be used for a longer time and a stable engraving efficiency for the workshop. However, when the machine fails, if it cannot be solved, it is necessary to contact the maintenance personnel or the seller's after-sales personnel for professional maintenance in time.

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