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How should hot melt adhesive powder be used?

hot melt adhesive powder, named for its appearance as a translucent particle and powder, is a fine chemical, also known as industrial gelatin. People are also used to call it hot sol, or hot dissolve gelatin. Light yellow or amber color, no unpleasant odor. This product is a protein hydrolyzed from the collagen portion of the connective or epidermal tissue of animals.

Usage: The rubber powder and water according to 1:1.5~3, that is, 1 part of the rubber powder plus 1:1.5~3 parts of normal temperature water, soak for 40-60 minutes, after the expansion of water absorption and then indirect heating to dissolve, when the sol can not be directly heated, the sol temperature is controlled below 75℃. Animal glue will solidify into jelly when the temperature is low, such as in winter, the temperature is relatively low, the air humidity is small, the glue is cooling faster, so the temperature of the glue can be higher, the operation should be faster, and the operation speed should be improved; In summer, the temperature of the room is high, the air humidity is high, so the temperature of the glue is lower, and the operation can be slow.

In order to eliminate part of the foam, solve the glue surface condensation to make the glue consistency and solve the fluidity of the glue, the dissolved glue should be fully stirred frequently. The glue should be kept at a normal temperature, so when the glue needs to be added to the water, the hot water that is basically the same as the glue temperature should be added, and the cold water should not be directly added. The rubber box should be cleaned regularly, and it is recommended to clean the rubber box and mechanical rubber wheel with warm water after completing the working day every day. In order to reduce impurities into the rubber pump and the surface of the paste material, a magnet can be placed at the pump suction of the rubber box.

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