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Analysis of the advantages of disposable corn starch cutlery

Nowadays, all areas of society are paying more and more attention to the concept of environment. In particular, the field of packaging is increasingly catering to the theme of protecting the environment. New green packaging methods have begun to develop and emerge. In recent years, the emergence of corn starch, a new material, has become a major issue for disposable packaging. Supplies provide a wider choice of materials.

Due to the chemical and physical properties of corn starch, its production process in my country, cost and price, etc., it is determined that it can replace plastic, paper and other materials to make disposable catering supplies. Disposable corn made of corn starch Starch meals have the following advantages:

1. No damage: Because disposable cutlery is made of corn starch as the main material and does not contain substances harmful to people's bodies, it can be used with confidence for a long time.

2. No pollution: The product is buried in the soil and can degrade into oxidized carbon and water after 90 days at a suitable temperature, which will not cause pollution to the soil and air.

3. Save resources: Corn starch is a reusable resource that is inexhaustible, while paper cutlery and plastic cutlery require a large amount of wood and petrochemical products. Disposable corn starch cutlery uses corn starch as raw material to save a lot of oil and forest resources.

4. High quality: The product is densely woven, resistant to water, oil, and penetration. It also has good heat and low temperature resistance. It is suitable for refrigerator freezing, refrigeration, food preservation, microwave heating, etc.


Due to the shortcomings of traditional polystyrene disposable plastic cutlery, which cannot be degraded and are difficult to recycle, it has brought great inconvenience to the processing work and caused serious pollution to the environment. The biodegradable disposable corn starch cutlery will greatly change the original environmental pollution problem and at the same time meet the convenience requirements of consumers. At present, corn starch is mostly limited to the use of disposable cutlery materials. Whether this excellent material can be promoted to more product fields is a prospect we can look forward to.

Disposable Cornstarch Cutlery Manufacturer – Changzhou Corn Biobased Packaging

At Changzhou Corn Biobased Packaging, we are committed to delivering the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Our production process involves injection molding, a technique that ensures consistency and durability in every cornstarch cutlery we produce. With our advanced manufacturing facilities and dedicated team, we guarantee exceptional products that meet your expectations.

As a supplier, we also believe in providing excellent customer service. Whether you're an individual looking for disposable cornstarch cutleries for personal use or a business in need of wholesale biobased fruit forks, we are here to assist you. With our support for OEM, we can help you customize the perfect biobased fruit forks to meet your specific requirements.

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