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Main components of steel structure factory building and their functions

Main component part

1. Steel column

The main load-bearing structural components of steel structures, common industrial factory steel columns are mainly processed and manufactured by welded H-shaped steel.

2. Steel beam

Together with steel columns, they form a load-bearing system. Roof truss beams are also called steel frame beams. They are generally represented on drawings as GJL and WJL, and are generally made of H-shaped steel.

3. Wind-resistant column

A simple personal understanding is to transfer load and connect, usually expressed as KFZ, and generally made of H-shaped steel.

4. Purlins

Its function is to transfer the roof load (wall load) to the beams and columns through the purlins, which are generally C-shaped steel and Z-shaped steel.

5. Steel plate gutter

Its function is drainage. It is generally made of steel plates processed according to the design size and is usually expressed as GBTG.

6. Crane beam

The crane's track, usually expressed as DC, has a relatively complex structure.


Secondary component part

1. Horizontal support

Increase the overall stiffness of the roof, reduce the calculated length of the chord out of the plane, save steel, and increase the lateral stability of the chord. It is generally expressed as SC and is made of round steel.

2. Support between columns

The main function of the inter-column support is to improve the lateral stiffness of the factory building. Simply put, it is used in conjunction with the horizontal support to jointly improve the overall longitudinal stiffness and stability of the factory building. Usually there are two types of inter-column supports: trapezoidal and steel pipe, expressed as ZC.

3. Tie

To reduce the lateral deformation and torsion of the purlins and improve the bearing capacity of the purlins, the braces are generally made of round steel, represented by straight braces T and diagonal braces XT.

4. Tie rod

The main function of the tie rod is to improve the overall stiffness of the structure, enable the structure to play a spatial role, and ensure the geometric stability of the structure and the lateral stability of the pressure-bearing components. Indicated as XG or ST, they are generally processed from round tubes.

5. Roof panels, wall panels

It mainly plays a protective role and is generally made of profiled steel plates or sandwich panels.

6. Pre-embedded anchor bolts and connecting bolts

Plays the role of connecting various components.

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