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Design and customization of Xuzhong motorcycle plastic molds

In the world of motorcycle manufacturing, the quality and precision of plastic molds play a crucial role in ensuring the durability and aesthetics of motorcycle plastic parts. Xuzhong, a leading company specializing in mold production, offers a wide range of motorcycle plastic molds that comply with international standards. This blog post will delve into the details of Xuzhong's motorcycle plastic molds, including their adherence to industry standards, design specifications, customization options, and the company's expertise in exporting mold business.

1. Compliance with International Standards:

Xuzhong takes pride in providing motorcycle plastic molds that meet the highest quality standards. These molds comply with internationally recognized standards such as DIN, IS, ASTM, and JIS. Adhering to these standards ensures that the molds are designed and manufactured to withstand rigorous usage, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the motorcycle plastic parts produced.


2. Cold Runner Design and Mold Life:

Xuzhong's motorcycle plastic molds feature a cold runner design. This design ensures efficient and precise injection molding, resulting in high-quality plastic parts. The molds are designed using advanced software such as UG, which allows for accurate modeling and simulation. Additionally, the molds are built to withstand approximately 500,000 injections, ensuring their durability and longevity.

3. Material, Color, and Surface Finish Options:

The motorcycle plastic parts produced by Xuzhong are primarily made of PP (polypropylene), a versatile and durable material known for its excellent strength and impact resistance. The standard color for these parts is black, but Xuzhong offers customization options to meet customer requirements. Customers can choose any color they desire, either based on their preferences or by providing the RAL code for precise color matching. Furthermore, Xuzhong offers various surface finishing options, including spray painting, screen printing, polishing, and electroplating, to enhance the appearance and functionality of the plastic parts.

4. Product Specifications and Application Field:

Xuzhong's motorcycle plastic molds cater to a wide range of product specifications. The maximum weight of the plastic parts produced by these molds is 200 grams, while the maximum size is 150mm x 60mm. These molds are specifically designed for motorcycle plastic shells, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration with the overall motorcycle design. The precise dimensions and specifications of the molds guarantee the production of high-quality plastic parts that meet the stringent requirements of the motorcycle industry.

5. Expertise in Exporting Mold Business:

Xuzhong has established itself as a reputable company specializing in exporting mold business. With years of experience and a strong global network, Xuzhong has successfully served clients from various countries and regions. The company's expertise in international trade and logistics ensures smooth and efficient delivery of molds to customers worldwide. Xuzhong's commitment to customer satisfaction, quality assurance, and timely delivery has earned them a solid reputation in the mold manufacturing industry.

6. Diverse Application Fields:

While Xuzhong specializes in motorcycle plastic molds, the company's expertise extends to various other application fields as well. Our molds find applications in industries such as automobile manufacturing, electronics, medical equipment, food packaging, and home appliances. Xuzhong's ability to cater to diverse industries showcases their versatility and adaptability in meeting the unique requirements of different sectors.


Xuzhong stands as a trusted provider of high-quality motorcycle plastic molds. Our adherence to international standards, utilization of advanced design software, and commitment to customization options ensure the production of molds that meet the specific needs of customers. With a focus on exporting mold business and a diverse range of application fields, Xuzhong has established itself as a reliable partner for businesses seeking top-notch mold production and customization services.


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